The Phoenix-Gaming Community Charter

The members of Phoenix-Gaming are those of a tight knit community that share a strong feeling of kinship and friendship for one another. Our original home was lost to us as the result of disagreements and in-house fighting, however, this was certainly not enough to dissolve the sense of camaraderie that remained prevalent among the members of that community. Phoenix-Gaming and the subsequent ?From The Ashes? clan are the result of time, effort, and finance provided by a dedicated and indescribably generous group which comprise all that Phoenix-Gaming and the community behind it stand for.

Our ultimate goal for Phoenix-Gaming was to provide a stable and unified place for the members of our previously displaced community to partake of recreational online gaming and to allow a friendly and welcoming environment to those that would like to join us. With the foundations laid, we now hope to expand our membership while maintaining the strong sense of democracy and core values upon which our new home was founded. The symbol of the phoenix was chosen for our community because it exemplifies what we represent, a group which suffered a bitter upheaval but rose from the ashes of the old to create something new and pure. All of us are quite proud of what we have accomplished, though we will not soon forget what we endured to arrive where we are today.

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